Meditations for Radical Families

A Daily Devotional

by Gia M. Hamilton


Excerpt from Meditations for Radical Families, a daily devotional for families by Gia M. Hamilton

To all the families everywhere setting up your own rules, learning, loving and leading the way to a better life. Forgive yourself as your forgive others. Love yourself as you love others. Dare to create your own values and live them every day.

Families consist of both our biological connections and our chosen families–people with whom we share common values, resources, and vision. Families look all sorts of ways, but what I have found is that the most important ingredient to a family is love and acceptance. When we are loved within our family structure, we are each allowed to expand over time. When we are accepted, we can be our true and authentic selves free from performance, guilt, and shame.

Featuring original artwork by my sons, Meditations for Radical Families is my family’s way of offering grace, kindness, humor and truth to the world.  We hope you find gems, laugh, share, and connect with your inner values. Join us as we detox from the modern world, stripping down our egos to reach a place of purpose, joy, and peace.

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Meditations for Radical Families will be released on September 30 2018, 3:00 - 5:00pm

Material Life Shop

2521 Bayou Road

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3-3:30pm Shop + Mingle (refreshments served)

3:30-4:00pm Introduction by Carla Williams (owner of Material Life) and short talk from author Gia M. Hamilton with Introduction of Apsu, Kush, Isael and Rhythm Hamilton

4:00pm- 5:00pm Listen to the sounds of New Orleans based emerging producer Cmindless (Apsu Hamilton) and photos by emerging photographer Kush Hamilton