In a world that still violently oppresses women, what does it mean to live and thrive as a Modern Matriarch? How does this identity liberate parents and child-free individuals?  Matriarchy is described as a system or form of government ruled by a woman or by women; a form of social organization in which descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line. It is also defined as the female head of a clan or tribal line. Throughout Gia M. Hamilton’s life, matriarchal histories and narratives have given her the strength and inspiration to carve out her own identity as a cultural steward, scholar, curator, mother, and Black woman.

In The Modern Matriarch, Hamilton shares practical ways to deconstruct and repurpose traditional uses of matriarchy for contemporary needs. Her stories provide a new, healthier definition of happiness and success, and celebrate creative expression in ways that help readers to recognize, appreciate, and revel in the awesomeness that is giving birth and nurturing an idea (or person) to fruition.

Learn how to harness the inherent strengths of the Female or Yin energy to balance your collective and global chi. Within these pages, Hamilton studies and celebrates the work of mothers and matriarchs throughout history who take many forms – being biologically or physiologically female is not necessary to read this book or embrace your inner matriarch.

As Hamilton shares her own journey, discover how to retool the ways of your ancestors and elders in an unprecedented era of rapid transformation.  Rooted in nuanced feminist theory, womanist thought leadership, and holistic healing techniques, The Modern Matriarch presents the author’s own story of healing and shape shifting to help you discover & celebrate the Modern Matriarch within.


Modern Matriarch:

A Tour of New Orleans' Powerhouse Women


Take a walk through history and learn about the matriarchs of New Orleans- old and new, the female powerhouses and their impact on seventh ward neighborhood and the city.  Visit local current powerhouses and the female business leaders on Bayou Road, the Seventh Ward and Treme Lafitte.  Invest in the cultural spaces that make New Orleans unique.


As a native of New Orleans,  it has become important to provide sustainable tourist activities for the artists, cultural workers and creatives I work with during their residency in this changing urban environment. Esplanade Ridge or the Seventh Ward as it is affectionately referred to by long time residents, has historically been home to bohemians, artists and radicals.   It is the concept of radical hospitality that becomes an exchange and act of humanity by sharing the complicated history of this place.  In the seventh ward, free women of color and women of African descent used acts of resilience, subverted power, creativity and strategy to  acquire resources to build families and communities through the system of placage.