In response to the Black Lives Matter political campaign across the US, dark(LIVES)matter is to raise awareness of darkness and its predominant prevalence in the art and cultural world by riffing from science theory.  Dark Matter makes up close to 95% of our universe and yet scientist still know very little about it. dark(LIVES)matter project infuses elements of sci-fi, scientific facts, photography and faces of young black people imagining themselves outside of their social and physical constructs and embedding these images all over the city so that they are no longer invisible. 

Playing with binary concepts of light and dark, shadow and spot light, black and white, we explore how young people feel to insert themselves into this dialogue about their invisibility and hyper-visibility, safety, unease, projected self images alongside dreams and visions for themselves.  This public act uses art for the purposes of furthering a social justice agenda, creating a platform for young voices to shine as well as the re-imagining of self. dark(LIVES)matter pinpoints locations the way an acupuncturist diagnose the body and uses images to create a flow of communication that the body (the city and its inhabitants) ready to heal.