Gia Hamilton has been a featured speaker, panelist, and moderator at summits, conferences, universities and creative gatherings worldwide, including the Douglas Redd Cultural Summit, the Allied Media Conference, The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Summit, Alliance for Artist Communities Conference, ICI Curatorial Intensive, and CHANGE Philanthropy Unity Summit. 

Gia is a dynamic speaker and facilitator. Her previous speaking engagements have focused on themes such as: 

University circuit: Women's Studies programs, Anthropology, African American Studies, Sociology, Urban Planning, Arts, Arts Administration and Museum Studies

Professional and Corporate Sector: Urban Planning/ development and community engagement/. Corporate responsibility: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Leadership development through Motherhood, using personal experiences to cultivate leadership/ Organizational Healing- creating an ethos, culture rooted in aligned values.

Community based speaking with aligned partners

Her work includes the following intersectional fields:whose expertise rests within the intersectional fields of art, development and motherhood

Arts and Arts Administration, Museum Studies

Non Profit Development and Urban Planning 

Social Science theory including applied sociology and anthropology- how to use data to make informed decisions- case studies

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Motherhood: leadership development, birthing and doulas, breastfeeding, raising children


To book Gia for a speaking engagement, contact  projectmanager@giahamiltonstudio.com