With All Due Intention: A Look into the Development of the Joyce Foundation Collection

Chicago Art Expo and the Joyce Foundation presents Director of Culture, colleague Tracie D. Hall

The Joyce Foundation

321 N. Clark St Suite 1500

4:30 - 6:00 pm

The Joyce Foundation, now celebrating its 70th year, invests in public policies and strategies to advance racial equity and economic mobility in the Great Lakes region. While focusing on education and economic advancement, a clean and healthy environment, safe and just communities, a strong and representative democracy, and equity and inclusion in the arts, the foundation has quietly built a modest, mission-aligned art collection on a fixed yearly budget without outside curatorial advisement. Recognizing that proximity to art can “elevate how we and our partners think and work,” the art works in this institutional collection are intended to illuminate everyday operations and decision-making.

Open for the first time to the wider arts community, The Joyce Foundation invites guests to join artists featured in its collection: Jenny Kendler, Nick Cave, and Carlos Rolón and moderator Gia Hamilton (Gia Hamilton Studio), in a discussion about the ways artists’ work can exemplify, inspire and even influence collecting institutions.