Press Club of New Orleans 

The Art of Journalism: Media in the Realm of Art: Panelist

October 12, 2017

What is art? It’s a question as old as the practice itself, and one to which the answer was often found in print either in textbooks, artistic journals or solitary columns in the pages of newspapers. For those who live outside of art academia, art criticism and news articles in traditional news media about upcoming shows were once a valuable way to introduce art to audiences of all backgrounds. Today, we must ask if those days are truly behind us.

The Art of Journalism, a panel discussion hosted in partnership with the Press Club of New Orleans (PCNO), Prospect New Orleans and the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), focused on the role of journalism within the realm of art. Moderated by Melanie Warner Spencer, Editor at Renaissance Publishing, Gia Hamilton sat on the panel alongside Trevor Schoonmaker, Tameka Norris, D. Eric Bookhardt, and Charlie Tatum to consider big questions about events and exhibitions are reported, the role of media in examining the works of artists – local, national and international – and how that coverage has affected the style, focus and careers of working artists as well as how arts institutions and purveyors of art have responded to the abundance and consistency, or lack thereof, of the media’s coverage of art.