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Project Row Houses Symposium

Sept 7-8 2018

Houston, TX

Presented by Project Row Houses (PRH), “Social Practice.Social Justice” is a day-long symposium bringing together artists, activists and thought leaders to Houston’s Third Ward. The symposium begins Friday evening with a special dinner with panelists and PRH staff hosted by Project Row Houses. It continues with Day 2 on Saturday morning with a panel discussion on neighborhood development and the strategies used in communities impacted by disinvestment. This session will be followed by a keynote address from Lisa Dent, thought leader and advocate for cultural workers, living artists and shape-shifters. The afternoon session will conclude the symposium, with a panel centered on utilizing creativity, imagination and engagement.  

Beyond Social Practice

Afternoon Panel, moderated by Gia Hamilton, Cultural Producer
2:30 – 4:00 p.m

The panelists will present their individual practices and discuss the broad, often vague definition of "social practice" as well as their observed impact of art and creativity on the community.  


  • Artist Shani Peters, New York based

  • Artist Nathaniel Donnett, Houston based

  • Cultural worker Jen Delos Reyes, Chicago based

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