The (Re)Mix Ritual

The (Re)Mix Ritual sets artistic and cultural intention of both remembering and re-imagining the matriarch as an archetype. The black matriarch has traditionally been defined in rebellion to heteronormative households. The new emerging matriarchs are deliberate shape shifters. The collective of stories from our mothers and grand-mothers allow us to create safe space to retain the important cellular memory and release the unhealthy patterns. True to our surviving strategy, women will dress, adorn and mask by producing the images we wish to project into this hologram we call modern society and pose questions through written word, visual communication and ritualistic performative acts in public space. The intention is to transport ourselves through time and space, collect necessary tools for transformation and perform the act of reclamation in public ways and in public space. This process will be documented using a number of agreed upon multi media platforms.

Women are asked to remember a story that impacted how they conceptualize motherhood, mothering or matriarchy and capture, as a recording or interview, their mother or grandmother. The interviews will be paired with a visual artist whose work connects with the story that will inspire or act as the muse for the performative acts. This call will begin and end with a Remix Ritual to set forth intention of the new matriarchs coming forth- matriarchal rites of passage. In contemporary practices, ritual allows a transformative process to concretize the new self and is therefore a critical component of remix process. In this space we are allowed and encouraged to embody the multiplicity of self and thereby quantum leap to a new space as mothers of the universe.