Living life with purpose and passion.....

Happy new year ! 

2017 was been filled with so many moments of great joy, intense sadness and learning opportunities. I have been committed to self care, not as a specific set of activities but rather a way of life. I forgive myself, accept my imperfections and hone in on my purpose. The most engaged discussions have involved themes of sustainable tourism, radical hospitality, the role of artists in present society, the world of cryptocurrency, the need for self care for folks of color and those on the front lines, solidarity economy, how to hold space in changing communities and finally a 2018 campaign for supporting black female leaders of color ... this year the life of self care will continue and I will begin single tasking, narrowing and focusing concentrations of energy to be fully present in all that I do. I will build in more thinking and processing time to explore my inner world and respond with intention. 

 Living My Values

Living my values means being my whole self and using the learning experiences to refine my approach, understand my leadership style and act with care.  I use my badge of motherhood as a badge of honor to showcase how qualified I am to handle complex projects with high degrees of change.  The two influence each other and the more I am supported in either or both spheres, the better I am able to be successful and contribute to society in deeper and more meaningful ways.


Parenting is a never ending job, I am always humbled by how much I learn about myself and their ever changing needs.  The role of mother has prepared me to lead, care and engage with artists at the residency and better understand the complexities of organizations I partner with.  As they shift and grow, I reflect on their accomplishments and as my Maw Maw would say, "catch em doing something good...." 

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