Saint Heron Roll Back, Say That: Shani Crowe moderated by Gia Hamilton

And we’re back! We are so excited to share that we will be hosting our artist talk series Roll Back, Say That featuring the south-side Chicago braiding queen, Shani Crowe on January 28th in New Orleans! Stop by at 1:00 p.m. for a live art presentation of her “Braids” series and an intimate discussion moderated by the cultural practitioner and entrepreneur, Gia Hamilton.

If unfamiliar, Shani Crowe is the designer of Solange‘s epic head piece look during her live performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Having a deep appreciation for her culture and the royalty of her roots, Shani uses her hair braiding techniques to honor her heritage and celebrate Black feminine beauty.

We’re inspired and filled with excitement to share with you the work and voice of the phenomenal Shani Crowe in just a few weeks! 


St. Heron Artist Talk: Lorna Simpson x Gia M. Hamilton

We will be hosting our artist talk series ROLL BACK, SAY THAT featuring the New Orleans native, Lorna Williams and her “in’hərənt lore” show with moderation by the cultural practitioner and entrepreneur, Gia Hamilton in an intimate setting of 50 people. The figurative artist, Lorna Williams, has showcased her work through the country, displaying her collection of pieces made from a variety of materials. With bold expression, Lorna is known for using materials seen frequently throughout the day such as, tree branches, paper, clay, feathers, bones and so on using her own body as inspiration.

We’re already inspired and filled with excitement to share with you the work of two phenomenal artists and visionaries on November 5th!  In the mean time, Lorna Williams work as well as her long list of raving reviews can be found on her site


Gia Hamilton Lecture

Streamed live on Oct 7, 2016

Video & Sound, Intermedia, and the MFA in Visual Studies programs are excited to present a lecture from Gia Hamilton, Director of the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans, LA on Friday, October 7 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in the Mediatheque at PNCA. This lecture is free and open to the public.

Hamilton’s talk will focus on the intersectionality of her work.
In “Gris Gris Lab: Magic making in communities,” Hamilton examines community work through the lens of art, food, healing and education in her incubator space Gris Gris Lab. Hamilton looks at the genealogy of her work as a practitioner healing a body- each space, project and community are carefully listened to, cared for, and responded to using a variety of tools, in this instance the curator embodies the role of caregiver in the most holistic sense and explores safe space, intimacy in public spaces, and tool kits for sustainability.


Panel: Creative Placemaking and Community Gentrification | 24th International Sculpture Conference, New Orleans

Panel Speakers: Russ RuBert, Jamie Bennett, Moy Eng, Gia Hamilton

From October 1-4, 2014, approximately 250 sculptors and sculpture enthusiasts from all around the world gathered in New Orleans, Louisiana for the ISC’s 24th International Sculpture Conference: Sculpture, Culture, and Community. The event brought together ISC members, non-members, artists, arts administrators, curators, city planners, educators, art supporters, and students

What Is Gris Gris Lab?

Gris Gris Lab (pronounced Gree-Gree) redefines the concept of magic in contemporary society and examines transformational living, intentional community and creative expression as a powerful means to healing.  Gris Gris Lab offers dynamic programming, non traditional healing services, space rental and creative consulting services.

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